A small game to test your eye

www.Dap-news.com is Khmer News Website or Advertising Website??

As everyone knows, Dap-news is one of the most popular Khmer news website on the internet which they have up-to-date news about everything happen in Cambodia.

But you notice about the advertisement, right?? So ugly. How comes? When you visit this site, if you don't scroll down, then you only see ads, stuff with ads. OMG Dap-news.com!

Funny Santa Photo, Happy Merry Christmas!

New Khmer Love Quote Photo

Cambodian Old Grand Ma facebooking!

Funny photo of DJ Kdeb and Karona Pich (Khmer signer)

Cat and his owner! Who is the boss?

Just to let you know, I personally love cat as my pet cat so much. :D

Khmer Quote About Rich People

I like to see such this type of people in our society. Cambodia long live. :D

Khmer Saying Image About Learning

Try to think, don't do that directly . :D 
You must ask your teacher a lot if you want to master what you learn. Just my 2 cents ;D

Khmer Quote Picture About People

Very Bad Funny Photo :D

Not your wife right??

This old women play game?? Cool!

Don't confuse, she is not my mom nor my grand ma! I don't know who is she, I found this from Facebook.
:D I hope your parent play game too Q_Q!

New Rule in Cambodian School

I just found this on Facebook, thank to the one who capture it. Anyways, I don't know what school yet, but I think may be in Phnom Penh :D.

If you know that school, please let me know by comment below :D

Khmer Love diary