Khmer Funny Awesome Poem

Khmer Love Songs title into Quotes

Funny Baby Crying Because seeing his friend

Heheh, You are not so different to me, why cry?

Beware of GIRL!

Hehe, Just remember this, If you are the driver never look while driving. Only look and use your eye only if you are not the driver :D

I am waiting for you! Yeah! Foever!

How to draw a cat the easy way???

Believe me, I never able to draw a cat, but using this method, I can draw a cat easily and beautifully. hehe, very nice method to follow and remember! :D

CAn I be your Boyfriend [Khmer Quote about Love]

Yeah! It seems to be awesome and this quote is inspired from the title of  a song by Keo Veasna. It is cool!

Funny Hunter that every animal want to be killed!

4 Gays Khmer Joke

New Rule for Cambodian Man

Hehe! So damn funny?? I wished all the man in Cambodia follow this rule . LOLZ!

Illusion to test your eye